Riki Adams is a native South African who chose to pursue a career
in photography.

Adams made great strides working with fellow creatives all around the world and being in beautiful locations served as inspiration for his style
and design.

After retiring from the photography industry, Adams pursued another passion of his, furniture design.

One can tell from his bespoke designs that there is a story and inspiration behind each piece he crafts.


If one can appreciate Rose Tarlow’s pure sentiments on timber, “furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful” then one can appreciate
Riki Adams Furniture Designs.

Here we are reminded that things of quality have no fear of time, as age and originality are incorporated to make the most beautiful furniture.

Riki Adam’s designs are all wooden pieces, beautifully tailor made to reflect a modern sophistication based on
simple originality.

Riki believes in the raw essence of wood as a creative medium.